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CCATP #616 — Don McAllister on Automating ScreenCastsOnline

This week I asked Don McAllister, owner of ScreenCastsOnline to come on the show to talk about how he automates the production of his video tutorial podcast business. We start at his humble beginnings as a new convert from Windows with a Mac mini and a monitor, up to and including a global workforce with automated workflows. He’s even moved his Mac Pro into MacStadium so it’s a resource for his back end production folks.

I must do a disclaimer that I do screencasts for Don’s show, which means I have a conflict of interest in telling you how awesome it is. We try to stay to the technical parts of the show production but we’re both so enthusiastic about the service it’s hard to avoid talking about the quality of what Don and his staff creates.

You can find ScreenCastsOnline at and you can follow Don on Twitter @donmcallister

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