Anna Menstrual Pain Reduction System graphic showing instant pain relief, heating function, long lasting effect, and a smart app

CES 2020: Anna Menstrual Pain Reduction Wearable

Allison interviews Neha Joshi from Captain Well about their new smart device designed for women, called Anna. Anna is a wearable device that safely reduces menstrual cramps and pain with no side-effects. Anna is a safe option that relaxes muscles and eases fatigue while reducing pain signals which, in some cases, can make it a better choice over medication. This smart wearable activates your body’s own painkillers by sending electrical pulses through your skin and targeting multiple pain points. Heat therapy is also provided through heated pads that increase blood flow and help ease the pain. Anna includes connectivity with a mobile app that allows the user to customize heating stimulation and other settings straight from the app. The setting is the Eureka Park show floor at the Sands Conventions Center in Las Vegas.
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2 thoughts on “CES 2020: Anna Menstrual Pain Reduction Wearable

  1. David Price - January 13, 2020

    I don’t understand why it wouldn’t work for leg cramps.

  2. David Price - January 21, 2020

    Sometimes I get terrible leg cramps at night. Something like this would be great for instant relief from leg cramps.

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