Adaptive Driving Beam Headlight Shadowing Out Oncoming and Trailing Cars

CES 2020: North American Lighting Adaptive Headlights

Allison interviews Kishore Ahuja from North American Lighting, a Koito Group company, about their adaptive headlight technology. Their “adaptive driving beam” provides a very bright, yet glare-free headlight to drivers of oncoming cars and cars that you’re trailing. This is accomplished by continuously sensing the position of each oncoming/trailing car and putting a shadow just around the outline of the car. The shadow around the car is created by selectivity turning off specific LEDs in the headlight. The rest of the beam is fully illuminated. The system also senses and shadows out stop signs and other roadway signs to reduce headlight glare that is reflected back to the driver. This system has been approved for use in Europe in Japan. Automobile manufacturers are working with the NHTSA to get this technology approved for use in North America. The setting is CES Unveiled at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.
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1 thought on “CES 2020: North American Lighting Adaptive Headlights

  1. Jim - March 5, 2020

    Interesting interview. The shadowing for other vehicles and reducing light on road signs seems to be a new use of this technology. My BMW motorcycle has an adaptive headlight. It uses a servo controlled mirror. This adjusts the light for the pitch of the bike (say if I’m carrying a passenger) and to put the light into corners. Motorcycles lean into corners to turn, so this helps out. There is menu selection on my on screen display to switch to left side of the road driving countries. Link is


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