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CCATP #664 – Tom Merritt on Time Management

Tom MerrittThis week’s guest is Tom Merritt, prolific podcaster, author, and lover of dogs. I asked Tom to come on the show to explain how on earth he does as much as he does. We walk through all of his podcasts, what he has to do to prepare for them, and how he makes the time to get all of them done. He talks about the research required for each of them and even how some require him to watch TV. On top of podcasting, he’s an author, he walks his dogs, he exercises and even spends time with his wife, Eileen.

You can find links to all of Tom’s shows at… and his books at…. You can follow Tom on Twitter @acedtect

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A list of the shows and activities we talked about:

  • Daily Tech News Show (and Good Day Internet) with Sarah Lane
  • Daily Tech Headlines
  • Know a Little More – solo
  • Cordkillers with Brian Brushwood – a TV/Movie podcast
    • Spoilerin’ Time
  • Work In Sanity with Patrick Beja
  • Sword & Laser with Veronica Belmont
  • Top 5 on TechRepublic
  • Current Geek Chronicles with Scott Johnson
  • Scott Johnson’s Morning Stream – once a week
  • It’s a Thing with Molly Wood – weekly
  • Let’s Talk about Star Wars with Jennie Josephson & Garret Weinzierl
  • East Meets West with Roger Chang
  • Science fiction author
  • Guests on other people’s podcasts
  • Walks his dogs
  • Runs for exercise
  • Spends time with his wife Eileen

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