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Tiny Tip – Home Button Can Sleep Apple TV and TV/Receiver

Apple TV remote showing home buttonApple TV Sleep Now

A few weeks ago I was listening to the Clockwise Podcast and Mikah Sargent briefly mentioned something about the sleep button on the Apple TV remote. I couldn’t get it out of my head wondering what he was talking about. I figured out that what he’d mentioned was actually something pretty amazing.

If you hold down the TV/Home button for a full second on the Siri remote (the black one that comes with more recent models of Apple TV, it will pop up on screen an option to put the Apple TV to sleep. That’s not the cool part.

Clicking on this sleep option will also turn off any connected devices. In our house, this sleep option turns off our big TV and the audio/visual receiver to which it’s connected! I tested it on a different TV with a different A/V receiver and it worked there too. I can’t swear this will work for your setup but give it a try.

We watch most things on our Apple TV these days so it’s an absolute delight to be able to shut down all of our components with the little remote that’s already in my hand.

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NC #625 ecobee3 Installation and Review, Quarterback for Live TV on a Phone, Don’t Buy the TrackR, Security Bits

This week I’ll tell you about my experience installing the ecobee3 and later in the show I’ll review it. I’ll tell you why even though it’s awesome you shouldn’t buy it. We’ll have the first of our NAB 2017 interviews – Quarterback for Live TV on a phone. Then I’ll explain why you seriously want to avoid buying the TrackR (not because it’s awesome). Then we have a great episode of Security Bits with Bart Busschots. It’s got four Security Mediums which gave us a lot to chew on.

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TiVo + MoCA Can’t Possibly Work, Can It?

TiVo layoutDo you ever have a friend tell you about something and you just nod politely and not check it out? Then another friend of yours tells you the same thing, but you don’t listen to them either? Finally you check it out and you realize they were right and it is as AMAZING as they said?

“You should try a password manager!” “Offsite backups are easy now!” “You should try a Mac!”

You heard all of these things and ignored them until you finally listened and gave them a try. Well my example is about the new crop of TiVos. Chris Ashley on the SMR Podcast talked over a year ago about how he saved a bundle of money by upgrading his TiVos. Then Dave Hamilton of the Mac Geek Gab said the same thing. In my head I thought, “oh sure, this is too good to be true.” But it turns out they were right. I’ll explain more as I walk through the problem Steve and I were trying to solve and how we finally “got” what they were trying to tell us. Continue reading “TiVo + MoCA Can’t Possibly Work, Can It?”

How to Use an AppleTV on Hotel Wifi

Appletv mac addressSteve and I travel around a bit and we always bring our AppleTV with us, in the hope that maybe THIS time we’ll actually be able to use it in the hotel. It’s a strange thing, but the nicer the hotel, the more annoying they are about doing the things you want to do. For example, cheap hotels often have free WiFi, while expensive ones charge for it.

We’ve carried that darn AppleTV to a bunch of nice hotels, and every single time, they have foiled our efforts.

  • Sometimes they give us TVs with no HDMI ports
  • Sometimes they have HDMI ports, but the remote doesn’t have the option to change inputs
  • Sometimes you can change to the HDMI input but they’ve electronically locked it out

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NC #583 Airport Firmware Update, Dumb Question on Older Hardware Security, Ocktobud Waterproof Earbuds, Tunity, Security Bits

Steve and I are about to become grandparents, so there’s likely to be some disruption to the show schedule in the next few weeks. I guest hosted the SMR Podcast last week with Terrance Gaines at…. My video tutorial on Affinity Photo is up at ScreenCasts Online. I made a tutorial on how to upgrade the firmware on your Apple routers, in Dumb Question Corner we all about how to secure older hardware, Denise gives us a listener review of the Oktobud SM01-X7 Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds, and I’ll tell you about Tunity to hear broadcast TV on your phone.

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Tunity to Hear Broadcast TV on Your Phone

Tunity scanning golfHave you ever been at the airport and there’s breaking news on the TV but you can’t hear it? How about you’re out at a bar and there’s a game on and you’d love to be able to hear it? What if you could get the audio sent to your smartphone? Well that’s exactly what Tunity from can do for you.

Tunity is available for free in the iOS App Store and the Google Play store. When you launch Tunity for the first time, you’ll be asked to create a free login or you can use Facebook to log in. Next you’ll be required to turn on location services for the app. I’ll explain in a minute why that makes sense.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a simple screen that says “tap to scan” and there’s a rectangle you’re supposed to align your phone or tablet’s camera to the frame of the TV. You have to hold the phone still while it scans, then it will say detecting, and if it recognizes the channel you’re watching it will come back and say “Syncing to” and the name of the channel. A second or two after that, you’ll hear the TV channel’s audio coming out of your phone! Seriously. It’s like magic.
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Guest Review of Plex by Steven Goetz

Plex logoHi, I’m Steven Goetz, and I would like to talk about Plex, and how I use it to watch media from my backed up collection of DVDs and Bluerays.

First there are two parts to Plex, the media server, and the clients. The Plex Media Server (, is an app that runs on your PC, this PC can be running Mac OS, Windows or Linux. This app shares out your media files, and can even transcode them on the fly, so they play properly on your chosen client. If you have a client that requires transcoding, you may want a fairly powerful PC to be your media server. The media server is managed, and configured through your web browser.
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CCATP #431 “What’s a Producer?” With Jennie Josephson

Jennie Josephson, Senior Advisor to the Daily Tech News Show, joins us this week to try and answer a question I’ve had for a long time, “What’s a producer?” Jennie is qualified to answer this question with her background in radio and news production over the years. You’ll hear her try to answer this question through story telling about what it was like to go with Dan Rather to see the Dali Lama in India and how she got lunch for the crew during a shoot. It’s a delightful discussion filled with entertaining anecdotes that will give you a glimpse into a producer’s world.

You can follow Jennie on Twitter @jenniej23 and listen to her podcast at

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