NosillaCast 07/09/2006 Show #51

For the birds, Mac ReviewCast, hosted at, great online tech magazine at, One Red Paperclip update, how to install cooliris on Firefox, correction on the size of Netptune, rebate advice, site upgrades, google sms to look things up on your cell phone without data services, for 980 free TrueType fonts, for high res desktop backgrounds, for free XM Radio, Skyrocket fireworks screen saver, Greenborder to protect your Windows browsing, from Walter Mossberg at the Wall Street Journal.

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NosillaCast 07/02/2006 Show #50

Lots of listener emails,
for low laptop battery prices, assistance running Celestia from last week, Stellarium from, feedback from Bellamax on my UpShot review, how I got Bill Gates to quit his job, encouragement to run the 10.4.7 update to OSX link to the full article at ZDNet, Google maps mashups (,,, review, I make my own videos at, and review.

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NosillaCast 06/25/2006 Show #49

CD/DVD burn doesn’t validate, for storing/sharing large files, cool Microsoft magnifier, no one on a Mac uses the Apple mouse, trying to find my own RSS feed in Wordpress, a href=””> and as open source, cross platform RSS readers, Google spreadsheet ( makes a mistake, to get rid of unwanted languages in OSX, social engineering test on Credit Union employees, Windows responsible for carpel tunnel syndrome, to explore the universe, iLap from to protect me from MacBook Pro heat.

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NosillaCast 06/18/2006 Show #48

Happy Father’s Day, botching the feed, Google comes out with Mac version of Google Video player, why you shouldn’t feel like an idiot if your computer confuses you, MacBook review, Pin the Map, More motion sensor tricks, diet Coke and Mentos fountain, Microsoft Will Remove PDF Support from Office, Freewebs to create websites easily and free, new teen ring tone at 15KHz, Upshot for photo correction free till the end of June, MenuMeters saves the day again, Walter Mossberg on Parallels, Sun hijack’s the Wall Street Journal’s Digital Conference favicon.

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NosillaCast 05/28/2006 Show #45

Samson SP01 Condenser Microphone Shock Mount: Transmit from CorDuoTemp SpeedIt from Mac OS Group, hosted at Parallels Forums at Macsaber from NASA Voyager Podcast at PCMag article on Why You Want Vista Now Vista Screenshots at Inifinte Photo Journey Royalty Free Photos: and […]

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