NosillaCast 11/05/2006 Show #68

Move urls between browsers, Podcasting explained at, Pop the NosillaCast at, vote on, HDA Bob bests Allison on video format extensions, how to change the format of built-in screenshots on OSX, plug for NosillaCast on Barts Blog at, AppDelete from kills AppZapper, Apple Dashboard Widgets without the need for OSX from, Yahoo! widgets from (otherwise known as Konfabulator), more on Crossover Beta, Recipe software reviews – Yum! is available from, and Measuring Cup from

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NosillaCast 10/29/2006 Show #67

Forums taking off, new theme for Podfeet coming, Part 3 of our multi-part series on putting Youtube videos on the iPod, now using and, play Flash movies on your Mac with FLVLauncher at, Allison’s pics on Youtube – and “White and Nerdy” by Weird Al Yankovic, to avoid spam in your email, call for Mac recipe software for Dean, new .mac web-based email at, Research Assistant Bart on bookmark syncing between browsers with Bookit from, to fake like you’re working, Vista RC2 installation of Java and IE7 adding Favorites, to download websites to browse offline, comparing HTTrack to Ice-Nine discussion of Ice-nine from wikipedia, making fun of Windows Live Search advertisement.

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NosillaCast 10/22/2006 Show #66

Paypal button on Podfeet, more on the NosillaCast forums, Bookmarks Synchronizer 3 Firefox Extension from, and Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer at, more ways to do screen snapshots on OSX, Flip4Mac upgrade from to create Windows Media files for distribution and free flip4mac as Quicktime components, tutorial on installing a drive in an external enclosure, network speed test from and Speakeasy from, tutorial on how to get back the keyboard viewer in OSX, expansive tutorial on how to put YouTube video on your iPod in Windows using the Greasemonkey extension from and the user script “Download YouTube Video” from and finally MediaCoder from

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NosillaCast 10/15/2006 Show #65

Forums added to Podfeet at, Levelator review from, @podder review from, fix your own iPod through, listener Bart gets a new title, SwitchProxy Firefox extension at, Spirited Away from to make your apps disappear to keep them from distracting you, Stitchh PDFs using Automator, Boinx Ivezeen from to turn your iSight into a video recorder, Vista RC2 review continued, Andy Walker & Sean Carruthers from interview Allison at the Podcast Expo.

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NosillaCast 10/08/2006 Show #64

Trip to Disneyland, MacBook Pro hard disk replacement, QA Director Steve is mislabled, audio improvements, The Levelator from, PDFLab from, Bart’s Blog at, Podzinger at,, David Day’s sleepless night, turn off Fast Save in Microsoft Office, Screenshot Plus from, Apple isn’t flawless, Vista RC2 on Parallels, Periodic Table of the Elements using Google Images.

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