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CES 2018: Magik AR Toothbrush for Kids

Allison interviews Holly Hasegawa from Kolibree about their Magik AR toothbrush. Magik is the first interactive toothbrush that uses Augmented Reality to motivate and educate kids to better brush their teeth. Magik uses computer vision to estimate the toothbrush position in the mouth as well as the movement the user is choosing. It comes with a mobile app that lets you know how well they brushed. Learn more at

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CES 2017: PAI Technology

Allison interviews Jessica Lane representing Pai Technology about their range of products to help kids learn while having fun. Ocean Pets includes an augmented reality mobile app along with putty and forms that allow kids to create a virtual aquarium. TJ & the Beanstalk brings story time to life with a 3D augmented reality story book. Finally Cube-Tastic uses augmented reality and a free app to help kids solve a puzzle cube. Some of you may recognize Jessica who is Shai Yammanee’s wife and now an honorary NosillaCastaway! The setting is the CES Conference show floor.

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CCATP #429 Stewart Cheifet on AI, Self-Driving Cars and Virtual Reality

Stewart CheifetStewart Cheifet hosted shows on television about technology from the 1980s through 2002. The Computer Chronicles and Net Cafe are still fascinating to watch because of Stewart’s ability to see the current technology and map out the path to the future. I asked Stewart to come on and talk about Artificial Intelligence, self-driving cars, and virtual reality. We had a great time, even when he was appalled that I don’t see why VR is going to be such a big deal. You can find Stewart at, and on Twitter at @cheifet. If you’d like to see his old shows, you can find them on The Internet Archive at and

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