Cognixion ONE Assisted Reality Headset

CSUN ATC 2022: Cognixion ONE Assisted Reality Headset

Allison interviews Lucas Steuber from Cognixion about their Cognixion ONE headset that serves as a non-invasive brain-computer interface. With an appearance similar to an Oculus Quest, the Cognixion ONE headset provides “Assisted Reality” – the blending of Assistive Technology and Augmented Reality. It is a universally accessible, wearable device that enables users with a wide variety of physical and neurological abilities to access augmented reality. Cognixion ONE senses brainwaves through several sensors on the interior of the headset and interprets what the user is viewing based on the sensed brainwave patterns. Even people who cannot move their eyes can use the Cognixion ONE to invoke simple commands and view results projected onto an augmented reality display. Cognixion ONE is expected to become available to the public around the end of 2022 to early 2023. The setting is the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference show floor at the Marriot in Anaheim, CA.

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