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CCATP #490 – Bart Busschots on Fitness & Tech

Just about a year ago Bart Busschots came on the show to talk about how he was using tech to become fit and healthy. He’s back with a “one year on” report of his success and to talk both about the tech and some philosophical perspective on why this path worked for him. Plus, he says I was right. Check out his full blog post on the subject at: Getting Fit with Tech – One Year On : Bart Busschots.

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NosillaCastaways Are Getting More Fit and Healthy

Activity++ move statisticsBack in the middle of June we had Bastian Wölfle come on Chit Chat Across the Pond to talk about how he got fit and healthy. Then a few weeks ago Bart came on Chit Chat to talk about how he used technology, specifically the Apple Watch and My Fitness Pal to finally take off the weight the doctor ordered.

This discussion has caused an awesome effect in the NosillaCastaways. I’ve been getting emails and tweets telling me how people have been inspired. Steven Goetz and I have often talked about fitness (I’m a bore that way), but after Bart was on, Steven said something wonderful. He said:

I like My Fitness Pal because if I don’t have enough calories, I can walk around the block and it gives me more.

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NC #586 Health Devices, Netgear X8 Router, Netgear EX6200 Range Extender, Tucano Macbook Case, Bespecular

Forbes Allison Steve first meetThe NosillaCastaways take over the show this week since Steve and I were off meeting our new grandchild, Forbes. We’ve got Pat Dengler telling us about health gadgets: Ease Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor made by iHealth, AliveCor Cardia Mobile ECG for Apple and Android devices, and the iHealth Align Glucometer for Apple and Android. George from Tulsa tells us about his new Netgear EX 6200 AC1200 Range Extender and how it improved his network. Denise Crown talks about her new Netgear Nighthawk X8 AC5300 Smart WiFi Router. Allister Jenks of the Sitting Duck Podcast tells us about the Tucano Elements Second Skin for MacBook 12″. Darrell Shandrow Hillaker of the tells us about a really cool accessibility app called Bespecular from that lets a blind person take a photo of something and have sighted volunteers describe it to them.

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CCATP #448 Bart Busschots on How Tech Caused Fitness

Myfitnesspal logoBart Busschots joins us this week but not to talk about stealthy programming or the taming of any terminals or even security. This time he’s here to explain how technology has helped him to lose 40 pounds. He’ll explain how he worked through denial and then started exercising and finally to add dieting to change his bad habits, all with the use of technology. He’s written a blog post with links to all of the apps he uses at….

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CCATP #443 Bastian Wölfle – A Geek’s Guide to Diet and Exercise

Bastian before afterThis week our guest is Bastian Wölfle software product manager, German podcaster and self-described crazy man. Bastian lost 40 kg (90 pounds) and he tells us how he pulled this off.

He’s got book recommendations, geeky recommendations on how and what to track in your body stats, and of course gadgets to make the whole process more fun.

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CCATP #421 Chuck Joiner on Apple Watch Fitness and Gear for Video Interviews

Chuck Joiner of the MacVoices podcast joins us to talk about how the simple reminder of the little loops on the Apple Watch Activity app got him to stand up once and hour, do a little exercise and start to feel better. We then move into conversation about how he records his video interviews for shows like CES. He’s a one man band with a cool rig you’ll want to hear about.

Links to some of the gear he talked about:

You can find Chuck at and on all the social media platforms as ChuckJoiner.

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