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NC #660 Google Year in Search, 2017 What Apps Am I Still Using Part 2, Vimmy & Oh Sh-t Git, Hunt for Missing Menus

We’ll start with part 2 of my year in review of the apps and hardware I’ve talked about in 2017 and I’ll let you know whether I’m still using them. After that, we’ll be joined by Caleb Fong with a couple of Tiny Tip segments on tools for programming. Then Denise Crown will give us a shootout on US streaming service she’s been testing to see if she can cut the cord. Then I’ll wind up the show with a story of missing menus for my father-in-law and how the NosillaCastaways, the Mac Geek Gab listeners and of course Bart helped me solve the problem.

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US Streaming TV Shoot Out – by Denise Crown

Hi Castaways! It’s Denise Crown with a US streaming service shoot out and a castaway challenge at the end! Get excited! Here’s the problem to be solved: I resent the amount of money I pay for TV. It’s $250 per month by the time we add HBO and NFL football. My husband loves football so we’ve continued to pay a premium for satellite so he can watch his games. Without the live sports factor, I would have cut the cord years ago.

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NAB 2017: Yi 4K+ Action Camera

Allison interviews Michael Rubin from Yi Technologies about their new 4K+ Action Camera. The Yi 4K+ records 4K video at 60 fps and can take photos in RAW format, both rare features on an action camera. The 4K+ will support live streaming with an “upcoming” firmware update and it has electronic image stabilization when shooting at 30 fps. The 4K+’s USB Type-C connector supports charging, connectivity to your computer, AV output, and an external mic and the camera comes equipped with a waterproof case. Learn more at

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NAB 2017: Cinamaker Multi-Cam Live Production

Allison interviews Cinamaker Founder Benjamin Nowak about his tool and service for live production of multi-camera video. The Cinamaker app runs on an iOS or Android tablet and provides a low cost solution for multi-cam HD live streaming, recording and editing with easy setup and operation. It allows control of smartphone cameras and popular WiFi-enabled cameras including GoPro, Panasonic and Sony while supporting live switching between cameras and syncing of all recorded videos. Cinamaker will be launched in June 2017. The setting is the Showstoppers show floor. Learn more at

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