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NC #659 Solving Network Problems, 2017 What Apps Am I Still Using Part 1, Security Bits

This week I was on the Clockwise Podcast episode 220 at…. Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone talked about my iOS 11 settings Mind Map of Doom on iOS Today episode 372 at around 57:30 into the show. Helma from the Netherlands brings us some networking tips. I bring you the first half of my 2017 Year in Review where I talk about the different software and hardware I’ve told you about during the year and tell you whether they’re still in use and why (or why not). Then Bart Busschots is back with Security Bits where we have two Security Mediums, the HP Keylogger, and Mailsploit.

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Alternote Brings a Nicer Interface to Evernote

AlternoteI know we’re all supposed to love Evernote, but I just don’t. So many people tell me how they record everything in Evernote. I get the appeal of having a single place to record everything you want to remember, but there was something holding me back. I’ll get to that in a moment

I did start to use Evernote more when the folks that invented Clarify gave you hooks to store tutorials inside Evernote. It’s essentially a database with easy tagging and categories for Clarify. I love that function but I still didn’t like Evernote.

I do use it for one other very specific thing. We go to a sushi bar near our house and we can never decide how much food is enough food, so one time  I typed in the “perfect order” and now I just open up that note on my phone and order straight from that. Pretty limited use, that’s for sure!

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