NC #588 Bandwidth Ideas, SSD in a Mac mini, Language Support on Podfeet, AppleTV on Hotel Wifi

George from Tulsa is back with some ideas on what might be causing Denise’s high bandwidth usage. It’s a great list of things to check out. Denise comes back with a great success story on the issue and then a walkthrough of her recent upgrade of her Mac mini to an SSD with some great advice. I get a word in edgewise with these two and talk about how I added language support to and how we FINALLY got our AppleTV working on hotel WiFi so Steve could watch the Olympics.

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Denise on Upgrading to an SSD on a Mac mini

Kit stock photoHello Fellow NosillaCastaways, this is Denise Crown with a review of Other World Computing’s SSD upgrade kit for the Mac mini.

I love my Mac mini. It’s a late 2012 with the i7 chip, a terabyte drive and 16 GB of RAM. Lately the spindle drive is showing signs of potential failure so I thought about buying a new computer, but Apple is due to refresh hardware and I really didn’t want to spend thousands right now.

This led me to pop over to and moments later I had ordered a 1 TB OWC Solid State Drive with a toolkit and an enclosure to turn my old drive into an external. Spoiler Alert: I just want to say right now that was the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. Continue reading “Denise on Upgrading to an SSD on a Mac mini”

NC #566 mSATA SSD on Drobo, Garbage Collection, Authy, New Country Amazon Affiliates, Samsung T3 SSD, Moving Photos to External SSD

We’ll learn about Garbage Collection in the context of a failed (and replaced) mSATA SSD from Crucial. New to – Amazon Affiliate links for Canada, Germany and the UK. A quick review of the Samsung T3 External USB 3.0 SSD (with USB-C connectivity). Joe LaGreca tells us about Authy, a brilliant two-factor authentication tool from Then we’ll go through the adventures of moving an Apple System Photo Library from an internal disk to the external T3 SSD.

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Moving Apple System Photo Library to an External SSD is Terrifying

Photos errifying warningSo now that I’ve got my shiny new Samsung T3 USB3 external SSD, let’s see if I can figure out how to use this for my real Photos library. Since not everyone uses Photos, let me explain some details of how this works. Photos, like its predecessors iPhoto and Aperture, can handle multiple libraries. But one library is special and it’s called the System Photo Library. The System Photo Library is special because it’s the only one that can be shared via iCloud Photo Library. I have a few little photo libraries but I’m going to move my big System Photo Library that syncs across with my MacBook, two iPads and an iPhone. Continue reading “Moving Apple System Photo Library to an External SSD is Terrifying”

Samsung T3 – 1TB External USB 3.0 SSD

Samsung t3 ssdI mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d decided to move my giant photo library of doom (tm Donald Burr) off of my Mac and onto an external drive. I didn’t want to sacrifice any speed, so I bought the Samsung T3 1TB USB 3 drive with USB-C connectivity to accomplish this goal. As I’d hoped, this drive is wicked fast. Let’s go through some stats, shall we?

The drive is spec’d out at 450MB/sec. We all love the free Blackmagic Disk Speedtest, so we’ll take a look at that first. Blackmagic showed reads of 421MB/sec and writes of 365MB/sec. I think that’s the closest I’ve ever seen a drive perform to its rated specs!

Blackmagic t3 speedtestRemember that the Blackmagic test is designed to test your drives to see if you can use it for real time video editing, not editing photos so this isn’t a perfect test but it’s still interesting. The T3 did perform quite well for all but the highest level video editing which was pretty cool.

But let’s look at a more practical application for most people listening. I moved my 400GB Photo Library over to the drive, and it started in the high 200s, then peaked at 398MB/sec, and at the very last few minutes of the copy it dropped back down a bit under 200MB/sec. The entire 400GB moved in a little under 34 minutes. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

I can definitely say that I recommend the Samsung T3 1TB USB 3 SSD. As a reminder from last week, that will run you $428 on Amazon right now. They have the 500GB model going for $218 and 250GB for $130 if you aren’t as much of a disk hog as I am.

mSATA SSD Failure on Drobo and Learning About Garbage Collection

mSATA to SATA adapter card

I’ve mentioned quite a few times that Steve and I had a Drobo FS network attached storage device which was really slow, so we replaced it with a Drobo 5N. The 5N is also network attached but it has an accelerator bay, which accepts an mSATA SSD. This accelerator card caches frequently accessed data and thereby speeds up the overall performance. Steve chose a Crucial M500 120GB mSATA SSD for our Drobo 5N based on the recommended list at Drobo and we’ve been delighted with the speed of the 5N. Once the Drobo mounts, the speeds for anything short of video editing are fabulous.

We’ve been humming along with that configuration since September of 2014, so about a year and a half. But this week we got a fatal error message from the Drobo Dashboard software saying that the accelerator SSD had failed. Continue reading “mSATA SSD Failure on Drobo and Learning About Garbage Collection”

Why Did I Need a Hub to Manage My Photos?

Diskinventoryx showing 60% as photosThey say that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well, I have a photos problem. I really like to take photos, edit photos, organize and find photos and I love them like they’re my children. I wouldn’t leave them home in a box, I want to have them with me at all times so I can take them out and play with them.

I bought a Retina MacBook Pro in 2013 with a 1TB SSD so that I could always have all of my photos with me, but over time things are getting in the way of that.

A few years ago, Bart convinced me that I should shoot RAW photos instead of JPG. Instead of nicely compressed 2MB photos, my RAW photos run around 16MB each. I also do an audio podcast or two you might have heard of and those files start to stack up. Somehow NosillaCast + Chit Chat Across the Pond is greater than the original NosillaCast. Each week I create about 6GB of new files. Continue reading “Why Did I Need a Hub to Manage My Photos?”

Frankenstein MacBook Air

Al pat each with our Mac to tear apartLast July I told you the story of my neighbor’s 2012 MacBook Air that suffered an early death when her baby daughter knocked a glass of water over into the keyboard. The power key was shorted out such that shortly after the Mac successfully booted up, it would shut itself down. I tore that thing down to the bare metal and couldn’t fix it because you can’t disassemble the keyboard from what they call the top case.  It’s an odd name, but it’s the top half of the bottom half of a laptop. At the time, prices for a replacement top case were so high it wasn’t worth fixing the Mac. It was only a 128GB model and an i5 so not worth too much. My neighbors said they had a friend who would sell it for parts for them so I gave it back, but it really bugged me that I had to give up on it. Continue reading “Frankenstein MacBook Air”

NC #563 FBI v Apple, Solos Cyclist Smart Eyeware, Kanex Portable Apple Watch Charger, Link 2TB Portable SSD

Brilliant Cartoon from Stuart Carlson

This week’s show is going to be a little bit different. We’ve got three cool gadget interviews, a Dumb Question asked and answered by Mark Pouley of Twin Lakes Images which is pretty standard fun, but then we’re going to switch gears to Security Bits where Bart and I will spend some quality time going over the FBI/Apple iPhone issue in detail. We both thought it was too important to do a quick bit on it. Bart will explain what we know as facts, then what the security experts think about it and finally Bart will explain his view of the situation. I think it’s a great discussion. As always Bart includes links to all of the articles he quotes.

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CES 2016: Link Portable Data Storage & Streaming

Allison interviews Luke Malpass from Falsetto about their new Link portable data storage and streaming device. Link is a tiny (4 oz), durable SSD storage platform with offline streaming capabilities. Link can store up to 2TB with read and write speeds of up to 2500 MB/s and 1500 MB/s respectively. Link will be available in 4Q 2016. The setting is the CES Unveiled show floor in the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

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