#338 Time Machine, Blindfolded, Photography and the Mac, Quit All Apps, 3 in 1 Camera Lens, Apple Sandboxing

Time Machine review, Blindfolded accessibility update, Photography and the Mac Podcast Promo find it in iTunes. In Dumb Question Corner Professor Albert joins us again asking how to quit all running applications and gets a surprising answer. 3 in 1 Camera Lens review from Rod Simmons. George from Tulsa says some nice things about Podfeet.com […]

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Record Your Own Review

We’re very lucky on the NosillaCast because so many people contribute fantastic reviews or record their Dumb Questions. I often get questions on the best way to record, how long the reviews should be and the best way to get the recording to me. These quick instructions will tell you everything you need to know. […]

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#289 Automator, Zumocast, iStopMotion, Shai

No PivotTable Charts in Excel 2011, Kirschen Seah gives us her Add Prefix String Automator action at http://www.freerangecoder.com. Zumocast from zumocast.com vs. AirVideo for video watching on the iPad. Accessible Mind Sweeper from Programar a ciegas at programaraciegas.es. iStopMotion review from boinx.com including Bastian Wolfe’s hysterical video and my 1 second stop motion movie. In […]

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How To Disable Java in Chrome

Quick tutorial on how to disable java on Google’s Chrome browser for the Mac. Open Preferences In the menu bar, select Chrome and pull down to Preferences. Under the Hood In Preferences select Show Advanced Settings… Content Settings Scroll down to Privacy and click Content Settings… Scroll Down to see Plug-ins Click Disable individual plug-ins… […]

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How to Record Two People on Skype Video

This tutorial solves a tricky problem – how to broadcast two video sources into a live streaming broadcast system. The example used here is you and a partner on Skype video. Requirements to be met: – Video and audio of both of you to be streamed – No lag (no more than you normally get […]

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Recording Tutorials

Index of tutorials for audio recording: Allisons Mixer Mic Setup (not using any more actually!) Audacity Setup for Podcasting Fix Skype Dropouts with Automator Scripts by Connor Garageband ‘09 Get Rid of Reverb How to Record a Skype Conversation How to Record Two People on Skype Video Record Two Mics Without a Mixer – GarageBand […]

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