iCloud Services Verification Failed – SOLVED

The problem to be solved here is your iCloud credentials are fine (you can log into icloud.com without issue), but you can’t log into iCloud services natively on your Mac.  The places this error will show up include: Logging into iCloud via the System Preference Launching Mac App Store applications Viewing files in iCloud Drive […]

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How to Upgrade Apple Airport Firmware

If you see an amber light blinking on your Airport Extreme, it may be an indication that there is a firmware update required.  These quick instructions show you how to find out if there is an update, and how to do the update. I suspect the process is essentially the same on an Apple Time […]

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iCloud Photo Sharing to Non-Apple Users

Problem to be solved: You have people with whom you’d like to share photos but they don’t have Apple devices so iCloud Photo Sharing doesn’t work for them. Solution: Create a shared album and generate a URL through which they can view the images in a web browser Note – I’m pretty sure this only […]

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How to Reduce the File Size of a PDF Using Preview

Ever created a PDF with images only to discover the file was huge?  Using Preview you can shrink the file easily but the quality fo the images will be dreadful.  Back in 2012, Josef Habr figured out a clever way to edit some System-level Library files to improve the quality of the images when using […]

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How to Create Address Labels from macOS Contacts

1. Introduction – Problem to be Solved In this short tutorial we’ll work through how to use your Contacts application in OSX to print cute address labels for your holiday cards. Every time I go through this I make a lot of mistakes, so I’m actually going to show you how to do it wrong […]

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