CES 2017: CMRA Band for Apple Watch

Allison interviews Roi Ginat from CMRA about their new camera band for the Apple Watch. CMRA has two HD cameras embedded in the band, one outward-facing 8MP and the other self-facing 2MP. It also captures HD video and has a battery that lasts a full day with normal use. CMRA seamlessly integrates with Apple Watch and iPhone and it syncs photos/videos with your photo gallery. The CMRA band is available for pre-order and will be shipping in the Spring of 2017. The setting is the ShowStoppers show floor.

Learn more at http://getcmra.com

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3 thoughts on “CES 2017: CMRA Band for Apple Watch

  1. Shai - February 15, 2017

    Very interesting.
    It’s a pity that they weren’t able to demonstrate the actual product.
    I look forward to seeing it out and about.

  2. Allister - February 17, 2017

    I don’t get it. Is “the best camera is the one you have with you” no longer enough, that it now has to be “the one you have ON you?”

  3. Aayaan - April 26, 2017

    CMRA BAND FOR APPLE WATCH is very interesting . I like it so much because its new look is very bright. Then i want to purchase it. It is very useful me and my friends. In daily work these bands are benefit for me and all. THANK FOR SHARING IT.

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