Back Up Your Phone or Tablet Using the Kingston MobileLite

Listener review from the inimitable George from Tulsa

kingston_mobilelite sitting next to a phone of the same size with the old NosillaCast logoEver been on a cruise? Out at sea you may be able to pick up some text emails in the ship’s computer center, but you can forget the kind of automatic backup of photos to iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Plus you’ve come to rely on when there’s dirt underfoot.

Enter the Kingston MobileLite Wireless Reader. It’s a self-contained WiFi gadget that with Apps for either Android or iOS can serve files to mobile devices, or more uniquely, receive and store them wirelessly. It comes with a slot for a standard SD card, the kind used in most cameras. And also has a USB slot for thumb drives.

Imagine. Your iPhone is filled with pictures from your cruise. Connect to the MobileLite and copy them safely off to an SD card or thumb drive. For extra safety, duplicate the files by copying them from the SD card to a Thumbdrive.

Imagine. You’ve taken hundreds of photos using your real camera. You’d like to view them on your iPad or Nexus 7. Simple. Insert the SD card from the camera into the MobileLite, turn it on, and use your App to browse. Once connected, you could easily copy the files off to your tablet, or duplicate them to a Thumb Drive.

The MobileLite supports many kinds of files, including music and videos, if you’d like to take along some movies on your cruise.

It can even function as a supplementary battery for a mobile device. I picked mine up for about $35 on a deep discount Amazon offer, though the regular price there seems to be about $42. I added a 128 GB SD card for lots of storage.

This is a useful gadget! I’m including a link to the Kingston site with lots more information, including useful Video Tutorials. More photos from George of the Kingston MobileLite available here.

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