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#508 Clarify-Like iOS App, Phone Number on Your Lock Screen, When Cables Go Bad, Taming the Terminal Part 28 – Network Troubleshooting

I attempt to give you a way to grasp the enormity of the Apple earnings. Listen to the Live NosillaCast on your Roku, AppleTV, Windows Phone and more by clicking on Help over at In Dumb Question Corner, I attempt to find a tolerable answer to James Staple’s question from Twitter: is there a Clarify-Like App for iOS? Next up I explain why you might want a phone number on your lock screen and a couple of ways to accomplish that using Over for iOS or Skitch. A fantastic story about fixing a dead MacBook Pro for only $30. In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart takes us through Taming the Terminal part 28 of n – Network Troubleshooting.

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Hi this is Allison Sheridan of the NosillaCast Mac Podcast, hosted at, a technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh bias. Today is Saturday January 31, 2015 and this is show number 508. You don’t come to the NosillaCast for financial reporting on Apple but I really want to do some high fives about their latest earnings. I think many of us believed in Apple through the dark years and that makes the latest earnings that much sweeter. I listen to Mac OS Ken and love every minute of it. However the earnings numbers start to all run together after a while. So many millions of earnings, gross margins of such a percentage, earnings per share were expected to be this but turned out to be that, and even the total number of something sold has no meaning after a while.

I thought I’d share a couple of things I heard that put the numbers in perspective. When they said that Apple made a profit of $18B, it sounded like a pretty darn big number but it wasn’t until later in the week that it was pointed out that that’s the most profit any company has made. Ever. Seriously. The company that was 2 weeks from bankruptcy did that. Then on the Clockwise Podcast, Jason Snell who is one of the hosts of this half hour show said, “during this show, Apple will sell 17,000 iPhones.

But none of those descriptions really brought it home till I heard this one. There are a 7.3 billion people in the world today. Apple sold 74.4 million iPhones. That means 1% of all humans on the planet bought an iPhone. In ONE QUARTER. Now that’s a memorable stat. Ok, enough high fiving, let’s get on with the show!

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Rather than me explaining how to get to all the Alpha Geek Radio goodness, If you navigate to, and have click on “Help” at the top right you’ll find instructions on all of the ways to tune in. I tested this out and clicked on the Roku icon and it took me right to where I could enable the channel on my Roku! So go check out Alpha Geek Radio and get your geek on!

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When Cables Go Bad


Remember last week when I had Chris Ashley on the show and I was complaining about Siri because she wouldn’t recognize my daughter’s name (even though it was my fault because she got married and changed her name?) Chris said that on Windows Phone you can assign a nickname, so he has his daughter setup as “Baby Girl”. I was bemoaning the fact that you couldn’t do that on the iPhone.

Michael Price jumped into our Google Plus community ( and corrected me. Here’s what he wrote:

The Contacts app does have a nickname field. You may need to enable it via the templates on the preferences. Then you can use the nickname to make a call. For example, I simply say “Hey Siri, call The Evil Queen mobile”…and Siri replies “calling Katherine Price, mobile”. 😉

Well that sounded swell but for the life of me I could not find anything in the Contacts app or in Settings for Contacts to enable nick names. I wrote back to Michael and explained that I was going to need a Clarify tutorial to find it, his word description didn’t do the trick. Michael responded almost immediately by creating a Clarify document with a few simple screenshots, some arrows and number sequence buttons to help me follow along. He added some words in each step and a title for each step and hit the button to push the instructions up to Dropped the link back into he G+ Community and now everyone can do it!

His instructions were so clear and concise I was able to create a nickname for Lindsay so now when I say, “Call my daughter” for the first time ever, it actually WORKS! Thanks so much Michael. I found out some side effects too which you may or may not like. Once you have a nickname for someone, they show up as that everywhere. If you miss a call it shows their nickname. Got an email from them? It’s shows their nickname. Text message? Yup, shows their nickname. This is cool but in Michael’s case, it means if his wife sees his phone she’ll know he calls her The Evil Queen, so use it at your own risk!

If you’d like to help people quickly in a way that’s easy and fun for you, head on over to and check out the free trial of Clarify. Be sure to tell them where you heard about it when you inevitably buy!

Chit Chat Across the Pond

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Pallet Cleanser:

Each year BackBlaze release statistics on the millions of hard disks they run, allowing us all to get an insight into how different disks from different manufacturers perform in the real world – the 2014 stats have just been released:

The most obvious signal in the noise is that Seagate are the big losers, their failure rates are an order of magnitude above the majority, but less obvious at first glance is another trend – 3TB drives from most manufacturers are less reliable than 2 or 4 TB drives.

Main Topic – Taming the Terminal part 28 of n – Network Troubleshooting

After I got off the horn with Bart I thought I should double check the stat on how many iPhones per second Apple sold because I did that one from memory. I think I said 6 per second. Let’s do the math: Tim Cook said they sold 34,000/hour ÷ 60 minutes/hour ÷ 60 seconds/minute = 9.4 iPhones/second. Every second of every day over three months. Sheesh.

In other news, I also double checked my new 3TB drive and sure enough it’s from Seagate, and since I bought it about 4 months ago I figure it’s got a good one more month before it dies. Argh.

That’s going to wind this up for this week, many thanks to our sponsor for helping to pay the bills, the makers of Clarify over at Don’t forget to send in your Dumb Questions, comments and suggestions by emailing me at [email protected], follow me on twitter @podfeet. Check out the NosillaCast Google Plus Community too – lots of fun over there! If you want to join in the fun of the live show, head on over to on Sunday nights at 5pm Pacific Time and join the friendly and enthusiastic NosillaCastaways. Thanks for listening, and stay subscribed.

2 thoughts on “#508 Clarify-Like iOS App, Phone Number on Your Lock Screen, When Cables Go Bad, Taming the Terminal Part 28 – Network Troubleshooting

  1. Donald Burr - January 31, 2015

    Re “why not just put a sticker on the back of your device with your contact info” – 1. depending on whether or not you use a case, and what type of case you use, you may not be able to, either because the case doesn’t really have a good place to stick something, or you are using a case with a design you don’t want to cover up. 2. stickers can be removed (i.e. by a thief or an unscrupulous person who “just happened” to find your phone lying about) whereas the lock screen can’t be changed unless someone is able to log into your phone (highly unlikely if you’ve enabled a password or lock code like you should be doing, and next to impossible if you have a Touch ID capable device)

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