Access All of Your Photos on Every Device with Lyve

Allison interviews Tim Bucher from Lyve their photo access service and application. Lyve works with iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Macs, and Windows PCs. Once installed on your devices, the Lyve app will pull together your photos and videos into a single library so you can find, share, and view your photos wherever you go. The setting is the CES Pepcom Digital Experience at the Mirage Hotel.

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5 thoughts on “Access All of Your Photos on Every Device with Lyve

  1. Pat Putnam - January 22, 2015

    When is Lyve Studio going to be available?

  2. podfeet - January 22, 2015

    Not sure, Pat, I should have asked. There is a “notify me” link on this page:

  3. Pat Putnam - January 22, 2015

    Yes, thanks, I signed up to be notified. Thought you might have a clue. I downloaded the app on my Mac, iPad and iPhone. Been having a bunch of issues with iPhoto lately.

  4. George - January 22, 2015

    Lyve stores the database index on its site.

    Which I gather acts something like a switchboard to connect devices through to your local device, of some kind.

    Will the local device work without a “lyve” connection?

    Transmitting only “web optimized” thumbnails to mobile devices is how Amazon Cloud Storage works. Even on the “best” Kindle Tablet, it is only possible to download to the tablet the web optimized view. To get the “full pic” it is necessary to access the Cloud Drive from a computer.

    Allison seemed a bit astonished that the company has no apparent way to monetize, though $299 for a small Android tablet and $80 2 TB Seagate Drive would be a way to monetize! In the meantime, I dropped by to read their TOS and privacy policies. Hello! I really do wish someone would open the sealed lids of those web companies and shine some bright white light on what they do with the data they collect. Clearly, was caught off limits this week.

  5. George - January 22, 2015

    Sorry about this, I’m typing on a recent Ubuntu install and having trouble with the keyboard / trackpad, which just transmitted my entry above without my intent. (Just set the Ubuntu option to shut down the trackpad while typing.)

    Lyve has some appeal as a turnkey way of collecting photos. But does it do anything Picasa, Dropbox, Flickr, Smugmug, Amazon Cloud, do, other than using your bandwidth to upload full res pics, then using your bandwidth to send those pics downstream to your local “Lyve” storage? Without Barting?

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