Why I Will Always Buy from OWC

owc_ramWhen is the last time you had a perfect customer experience? It’s been a long time, am I right? It’s so common today to be faced with people who don’t know how to do their job, or do the wrong job, or don’t clean up after the job, that if we’re simply not mistreated we count ourselves lucky.

This week my friendly Starbucks barista Junior told me that someone had given him an old MacBook Pro and he was wondering if I knew a place he could take it to get it modernized. He said Safari wasn’t rendering the web correctly and the only version of Firefox that would run was version 3! I couldn’t let him spend money for this, so I brought it home and upgraded it from Tiger (seriously) to Yosemite (in quite a few steps). He wants to do video editing on this machine (only 5 minute videos) and while I think that may be a pretty poor experience, it’s what he’s got so I wanted to make it as good of an experience as possible for the least amount of money. While an SSD might be a good addition, it might be wasted on this older machine, and since this little baby only had 1GB of RAM, the first order of business was to get that upgraded.
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