12″ MacBook Now That The Honeymoon is Over

new_macbookThis week Don McAllister posted an interesting article on his blog about his thoughts a couple months into using the new 12″ MacBook. Like me, he loves how thin and light it is but he had a few problems with it that he just couldn’t get past. The main thing was that he kept hoping he’d get used to the new scissor keyboard they introduced on this Mac but after 10 weeks he still hated it. He found that his typos increased dramatically on the new Mac. He also found that he would get errant jumping around of his insertion point so that when he was typing along, he’d suddenly be typing in the wrong place.

Last week when I was writing up my post about Photos after the honeymoon is over, I was planning to write a honeymoon is over post about the new 12″ MacBook. I was going to say that as much as I tried to love the keyboard, I hated it too. I was going to say that my typos went up dramatically with it vs. the older style chicklet keyboard on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Airs and even the Apple Bluetooth keyboard. I was also going to tell you that I noticed from time to time that the insertion point would occasionally jump to random locations.
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