Apple Photos Now That the Honeymoon is Over

screenshot of photos showing zillions of photosWhen Photos first came out, people broke into two camps. There were the people who were super bummed because Apple stopped developing Aperture and made it pretty obvious that they valued the low end photo user well above the prosumer or professional photographers. The other group looked at Photos and thought it looked like a nice upgrade from iPhoto. I chose to play the optimist and jumped with both feet into Photos.

I don’t want to retell all of my tales, but in case you haven’t been following me for very long, I’ll do a quick recap of what I said a month into using Photos. I moved over 60K photos over to Photos from Aperture, and paid Apple $100 per year to get the 500GB of iCloud Photo Library storage space. I found that if you figure out how to reveal the more hidden tools, it’s pretty darn capable. I loved having all of my photos available on my MacBook Pro in full resolution, and also optimized images on my MacBook, my iPhone and my iPad.

I thought it might be interesting to talk about my perspective now that the honeymoon is over. The excitement of having all my photos on all of my devices has become a normal expectation, the tools are second nature, what are the long term feelings about using Apple Photos on an every day basis?
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