Use 3 Bluetooth Devices at Once with the Logitech k480 Keyboard

logitech_k480 kb on my desk with Mac, iPad, iPhoneTyping on a Mac or PC with a real keyboard is second nature to most of us, but typing on the glass screens of our phones and tablets is still annoying. We get by, but no one actually likes the experience. We feel inefficient when typing on them, shortening our thoughts and being less clear because it’s so much harder. Bluetooth keyboards are cool, but most of them have the drawback of being connected to only one device at a time. Switching Bluetooth between devices is a nightmare none of us wants to endure.

Imagine if you could sit at your Mac or PC and use a single keyboard with a dial to switch between your computer and your phone and your tablet. That would be pretty awesome. Logitech has a keyboard that might solve this problem for you. It’s the k480 Bluetooth Multi-Device keyboard. We’ll just call it the k480 for short. I picked up one of these from Amazon for $40, thanks to George from Tulsa posting in our Deals section on our Google Plus community.
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Ubuntu Linux Inside Windows 10 Inside OS X Yosemite

ubuntu inside windows 10 inside yosemiteChris Ashley and his minions from the SMR Podcast are a bad influence on me. Their excitement about Windows 10 got me wanting to try it too. I’m a member of their Facebook group and they encouraged me to give it a try and explained that you actually can run it for free even if you don’t have a previous license through the Microsoft Insiders Program.

Of course I wasn’t going to buy a Windows 10 Machine, and I’ve never really liked the idea of dual booting a Mac with Boot Camp so I decided to do it by creating a virtual machine inside my Mac. If you haven’t ever played with virtual machines, it’s a way of installing an operating system in parallel with your main operating system so you can switch back and forth between them real time. I started by downloading Virtual Box from Oracle, the open source virtual machine software. In my scenario, OS X would be my host operating system and Windows 10 would be the guest operating system. To install an OS inside a virtual machine application like Virtual Box, you either need a real CD or you can download the guest OS as an ISO file, which is essentially a disk image of a CD. I downloaded Windows 10 from Microsoft and I was ready to go, but I made a few mistakes along the way.
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