Alternote Brings a Nicer Interface to Evernote

AlternoteI know we’re all supposed to love Evernote, but I just don’t. So many people tell me how they record everything in Evernote. I get the appeal of having a single place to record everything you want to remember, but there was something holding me back. I’ll get to that in a moment

I did start to use Evernote more when the folks that invented Clarify gave you hooks to store tutorials inside Evernote. It’s essentially a database with easy tagging and categories for Clarify. I love that function but I still didn’t like Evernote.

I do use it for one other very specific thing. We go to a sushi bar near our house and we can never decide how much food is enough food, so one time  I typed in the “perfect order” and now I just open up that note on my phone and order straight from that. Pretty limited use, that’s for sure!

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