NC #548 Alternote, Flash Your iPod Classic, Extract Application Icons

Review of Alternote, an alternative GUI for Evernote from, I tell you the saga of how it took Steve and I and all of our strength to put a flash drive into an iPod Classic, Dorothy wrote a script we’re sharing with the world to extract high resolution icon image from Applications we’re calling ExtractIcons. We also have a tiny little Automator script I wrote with my very own fingers to scale those images to any size you like and append the size information onto the image title. You can download ScaleImage too! And we have Bart Busschots; with us for Security Lite.

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Extract Application Icons

AppDeleteWhen I do a blog post about an application, I often like to include a high resolution version of the application icon. There’s a trick to getting that nice big icon. Simply:

  • Open your Applications folder
  • Right click on the Application for which you want the icon, and select Open Package Contents. Applications are really folders not files and they’re filled with goodies
  • Now drill down into Contents, then Resources
  • Now simply comb through the hundreds of files inside Resources for all the ones called .icns (1Password for example has 333 files to comb through)
  • Look at the .icns files and decide which one is the one you like, and COPY it somewhere else.
  • Next right click on the COPIED .icns file and choose open in Preview. In there you’ll find a bunch of different states for the icon, like one that’s darker which is what you see when you depress the icon. The good one that you want is always the first one.
  • Choose Save As and use the pulldown to change the format to PNG

See? Easy peasy! Perhaps just a tiny bit tedious though if you have to do it more than once!
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CCATP #411 – Bart Busschots on Programming By Stealth 3 of X – HTML Block Elements

In this week’s Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart Busschots takes us through Programming By Stealth Part 3 of X – HTML Block Elements. In the previous instalment we introduced HTML, learned about HTML tags in the abstract, and looked at a basic template for all HTML pages. Over the next few instalments we’ll be working our way through the common HTML tags.

Full written tutorial is available at:

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