Change Everything At Once

logos for all the toolsl I changedI don’t like change.  When I finally decided to spin off Chit Chat Across the Pond into its own podcast I told you about all the things I haven’t changed in my life in decades. But once you start changing things, it gets easier and more tempting to keep changing things up.  It’s almost like change causes more change.  You’ll see in this story that it was a cascading effect that has really gotten me  out of my comfort zone but I’m enjoying the ride.

Since I was changing the podcast, it seemed like a good idea to change my recording software at the same time. Instead of GarageBand, I started using Amadeus Pro.  Instead of using iTunes to add the ID3 tags I started using ID3 Editor.  ID3 tags are those are the little bits of information about the audio file, like my name, the fact that the show is clean, and the artwork. I chose ID3 Editor because it had a scriptable command line that would make Dorothy squeal with delight.  Continue reading “Change Everything At Once”

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