iPad Pro After a Few Weeks

Ipad familyThe first week the iPad Pro came out, I spoke about it on so many other podcasts, I decided not to talk about it on the NosillaCast. Now that it’s been a few weeks and I’ve had a chance to really use it as my main iPad, I thought I’d give you my impressions from a less gushy, more balanced standpoint. Still with an EVER so slight bias of course but you know what I mean.

It’s important when you read or listen to an opinion on a device to understand which device they were using before they got the new hotness, as I believe that is the most significant thing that influences our opinion.

Before buying the iPad Pro, I had an iPad Air 1, which has the lovely retina display and the smaller bezel and it’s not terribly heavy, and the A7 processor which is quite snappy. I considered buying the iPad Air 2 because I really wanted that touch ID but the cost to move up so soon was more than I could logically justify. Continue reading “iPad Pro After a Few Weeks”

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