NC #549 iPad Pro, Change Everything, Smart Cover Physics, Amadeus Pro Review

Listen to David Sawyer of TSOLife on Chit Chat Across the Pond, I talk iPad Pro on SMR Podcast, Daily Tech News Show, and Mac Roundtable. We’ll talk about how I changed EVERYTHING in my workflow on the podcast. Then I’ll explain why Apple can’t keep iPad Pro Smart Covers on the shelves, and then I’ll give a technical review of Amadeus Pro and how I use it now to produce the podcast instead of GarageBand. Remember to use the Amazon Affiliate link to support the sponsor-free show.

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Replacing GarageBand with Amadeus Pro for Podcasting

Amadeus pro icon 250Recording a podcast isn’t really similar to recording music but for years I’ve used GarageBand to do the podcast. For example, GarageBand defaults to having the metronome on, keeping track of beats per minute, and even having reverb on voice tracks. MANY years ago Will, a good friend of the show, created a little script for me that turned all that stuff off that I was using up until I stopped using GarageBand. In another irritating example, GarageBand introduced Flex Time editing which allows the audio editor to change the pitch of a vocalist’s recording in case they were off key. I never ever wanted that, but I would accidentally trigger it during editing and it would take forever to analyze the track to apply the effect and then let me undo the effect.

Garageband 6.0.5 was my tool of choice for all this time, but it was deprecated a few years ago and replaced by GarageBand 10 which is so complicated and filled with non-podcasting things that I’ve never been able to get it to work for me. Much like the way I dropped The Levelator in favor of Auphonic before it stopped working, I decided it was time for me to make a change away from GarageBand before Apple stopped it from working in a future rev of the OS. I like to be in control of the timing rather than suddenly being surprised.

As I started on this quest, I thought about what is important to me in a recording application:
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Why Apple Can’t Keep iPad Pro Smart Covers On the Shelves

Smart coverI ordered the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard from Apple when I ordered my iPad but the delivery date isn’t until some time in December. In the mean time I’m walking around with a 13″, $1000 piece of glass in my hand and it’s terrifying.

I was chatting with Bart and he said he’s a big fan of the original iPad Smart Cover. I DO need a way to stand the iPad Pro up for watching videos and a way to comfortably hold it in my lap at an angle for typing until the keyboard cover comes into stock. $59 is a lot of money just to carry me over for 3-4 weeks but who knows, maybe I’ll like it and want to keep it.

I went to the Apple Store today to get the Smart Cover and I asked one of the specialists if they had it in stock. His answer was hilarious. He said that they DO have it stock but they can’t put it on the shelves.

He went on to explain that they’re too BIG and they keep falling over! He took me over to the shelves, and someone had actually put them back out that morning. The iPad Pro Smart Cover box is a little over 1/4″ thick and a FOOT tall.

Not only does the aspect ratio invite them to fall, there’s a second problem. This very thin boxes contain Smart Covers that are magnetic so they can grab onto the iPad. That means they all stick together. You might think this would make them one giant blob that would keep them from falling over, but when you grab one, it pulls the rest of them right off the shelf.

What a weird problem to have. Perhaps it would have been smarter to design the packaging to display them in landscape mode instead of portrait since then they’d only be 9 inches tall?

In any case, after a good laugh with the specialist, I bought the iPad Pro cover in spite of the falling down display and so far I think I’m going to like it.

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