CES 2016: Robo 3D Printers

Allison interviews Braydon Moreno from Robo about their new 3D printers. Braydon demod Robo’s first printer, the R1+, as well as their subsequent R2 with full 3D print capability, and the R2 mini. Robo differentiates themselves from other 3D printer companies by bringing content to the consumer such as kits to help users print and build useful objects. An example is a kit to 3D print and assemble a working guitar. Another example is a kit to print and assemble a functional prosthetic hand. Robo facilitates donations of printed prosthetic hands to people in need around the world. The R2 mini will be available in the May 2016 time frame. The setting is the CES ShowStoppers show floor in the Wynn Hotel.

Learn more at http://robo3d.com

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