I Watched All Five Hours of the Judiciary Committee Hearing re: FBI vs Apple

Judiciary committee banner

When Steve told me that they were going to broadcast live the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee Hearing on Apple vs the FBI, my first thought was that watching that would be like volunteering for jury duty. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Steve and I watched all five hours and I was positively glued to my screen.

Before we dig in, let’s make sure we all know what the Judiciary Committee is, what does it have to do with the House of Representatives and what are they doing chatting with the FBI and Apple? I’m not a legal scholar, so I looked it up on Wikipedia:

The U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary, also called the House Judiciary Committee, is a standing committee of the United States House of Representatives. It is charged with overseeing the administration of justice within the federal courts, administrative agencies and Federal law enforcement entities.

Sounds like they have the authority to figure out whether the FBI maybe took a wrong turn when they tried to use the courts to compel Apple to comply with their demands. The Judiciary Committee could question whether use of the All Writs Act was appropriate, or whether perhaps the FBI should have worked with Congress to pass new law.
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