2.4GHz Network Restored With the USB 3 Hub in Place

Usb3 spectrum diagram as describedLast week I told the story of my work with Apple to diagnose a misbehaving 2.4GHz wireless network. The TL;DR (too long, didn’t read) version is that my 2.4GHz wireless network for my Internet of Things devices was being affected by my Anker 10-port USB 3 hub.

During the live show (podfeet.com/live) George from Tulsa and Horse said in the chat room that interference between USB 3 and 2.4GHz WiFi networks is a known issue. Drew also made a comment on the blog post I posted in the topic, mentioning that there were a lot of comments about that problem on the Amazon reviews on the hub I had purchased.

I did some research on my own about this and discovered an Apple Support Article about this very problem. I’m a tad disappointed that my little friend Daniel from Apple didn’t know about this. In any case, the support article included this paragraph:
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