NC #568 2.4GHz Network Restored, Dijifi Photo Scanning Service Review, Paprika Recipe Manager, Plex, DO-IT

I’ve got an update on my 2.4GHz network and how it’s living in peace with my USB 3 hub, a review from Dorothy of a slide scanning service she recommends called Dijifi, a review from me of Paprika Recipe Manager, and Steven Goetz joins us to talk about how he uses Plex to entertain himself while his baby eats. We’ll have our first interview from CSUN International Technology and Person’s with Disabilities Conference an interview with Cindy Bennet from DO-IT: Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology at

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Guest Review of DiJiFi for Slide Scanning by DorothyR

Dijifi LogoSo here’s the story. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get an unknown quantity of slides from my father’s files scanned and into digital form without any undue risk. I didn’t want to hand this delicate job off to just anyone, with my family memories at stake. After some research, I finally selected Dijifi (spell out), located in Brooklyn New York. They had excellent Yelp reviews and a Superior Performer Award from Angie’s List.

They have an awesome web-site, full of technical details about their process, scanning equipment, and all the options available. They scan slides, photo prints, 35mm negatives, 110 negatives, video, you name it. One really nice item was a cost estimator page, where you can select from all the different options and get an idea of much it will cost.
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Guest Review of Plex by Steven Goetz

Plex logoHi, I’m Steven Goetz, and I would like to talk about Plex, and how I use it to watch media from my backed up collection of DVDs and Bluerays.

First there are two parts to Plex, the media server, and the clients. The Plex Media Server (, is an app that runs on your PC, this PC can be running Mac OS, Windows or Linux. This app shares out your media files, and can even transcode them on the fly, so they play properly on your chosen client. If you have a client that requires transcoding, you may want a fairly powerful PC to be your media server. The media server is managed, and configured through your web browser.
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