CCATP #431 “What’s a Producer?” With Jennie Josephson

Jennie Josephson, Senior Advisor to the Daily Tech News Show, joins us this week to try and answer a question I’ve had for a long time, “What’s a producer?” Jennie is qualified to answer this question with her background in radio and news production over the years. You’ll hear her try to answer this question through story telling about what it was like to go with Dan Rather to see the Dali Lama in India and how she got lunch for the crew during a shoot. It’s a delightful discussion filled with entertaining anecdotes that will give you a glimpse into a producer’s world.

You can follow Jennie on Twitter @jenniej23 and listen to her podcast at

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Paprika Recipe Manager

Paprika main recipeI’m not a chef and I won’t even suggest that I’m an accomplished cook. In fact, it’s well known that Steve and I have been eating on a repetitive schedule for going on 20 years. Our kids first pointed it out when they noticed that we had made burritos every Monday for a very long time. It has been suggested that this is what happens when two engineers marry.

Like most kids, when our daughter Lindsay moved out on her own, she rebelled against her rigid upbringing and decided to try to cook two new meals every single week. She has inspired me over time, sending me the easier recipes in a quest to get me to break out and experiment.

One way we’ve started to share recipes is with a fantastic application called Paprika Recipe Manager from Paprika is available for the Mac and iOS, as well as Windows, Android, the Kindle Fire and the Nook Color.
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