mSATA SSD Failure on Drobo and Learning About Garbage Collection

mSATA to SATA adapter card

I’ve mentioned quite a few times that Steve and I had a Drobo FS network attached storage device which was really slow, so we replaced it with a Drobo 5N. The 5N is also network attached but it has an accelerator bay, which accepts an mSATA SSD. This accelerator card caches frequently accessed data and thereby speeds up the overall performance. Steve chose a Crucial M500 120GB mSATA SSD for our Drobo 5N based on the recommended list at Drobo and we’ve been delighted with the speed of the 5N. Once the Drobo mounts, the speeds for anything short of video editing are fabulous.

We’ve been humming along with that configuration since September of 2014, so about a year and a half. But this week we got a fatal error message from the Drobo Dashboard software saying that the accelerator SSD had failed. Continue reading “mSATA SSD Failure on Drobo and Learning About Garbage Collection”

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