CCATP #432 – Programming by Stealth – 12 of x (JavaScript Intro)

PBS LogoIn this installment of Programming By Stealth, Bart Busschots dips our baby toe into Javascript. We learn the very basic building blocks, including how to make statements, how to make comments, three rules for variables, the difference between strings and numbers and what you can do with them, operators and concatenation. With the exception of the modulus section, I understood everything he said! Learn why this episode ends with the line, “Find out next week if boogers is true or false!” Find Bart’s detailed tutorial at… including a link to his JavaScript Playground.

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1 thought on “CCATP #432 – Programming by Stealth – 12 of x (JavaScript Intro)

  1. Allister - April 1, 2016

    I’m glad Bart mentioned you can use Javascript in TextExpander. You can also use it in Hazel and Alfred 2 workflows. I’ll be paying close attention to this part of the series because although I have been a programmer for over 30 years I’ve never really studied Javascript, but it sounds incredibly useful to know these days. (I first came across it back in those early browser days when it was slow and single-purpose.)

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