CCATP #443 Bastian Wölfle – A Geek’s Guide to Diet and Exercise

Bastian before afterThis week our guest is Bastian Wölfle software product manager, German podcaster and self-described crazy man. Bastian lost 40 kg (90 pounds) and he tells us how he pulled this off.

He’s got book recommendations, geeky recommendations on how and what to track in your body stats, and of course gadgets to make the whole process more fun.

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Weight Loss

  • Having a “I need to do this because” revelation moment helps a lot (not technical at all)
  • 4-Hour Body Book by Tim Ferris helped me (kindle)
  • Put yourself out in the public that you are going to lose weight. Upping the stakes
  • I Started a Blog and spread the word on twitter, etc. Social media makes this easy
  • hasn’t been around 2012 but it seems ideal for that

  • Track, track, track. The more data points you track the better you can understand your body
  • Tape measure
  • GForms/Sheets for a customized tracker -> CHARTS! WHOOP!
  • Fitbit Aria/Withings Smart Body Analyzer
  • Do their Body Fat measures make sense? Yes



You can find Bastian on Twitter at @schlingel and find all of his German podcasts at:

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