NC #592 Portable Car Jump Starter, Two Dumb Questions, Podcast Playlists, Podfeet Patreon, New IRC Chat Server

This week’s Chit Chat Across the Pond is Lynda Gousha and I talking about the new hotness, and I recommend listening to the latest Let’s Talk Apple at… if you want to really understand the Irish tax kerfuffle with Apple. We got the chance to actually use the PowerAll Power Bank to jump start our car. We have two Dumb Questions, one about how to figure out what photos aren’t in any album in Apple Photos, and the second asking why people care about Playlists. That launches me into an explanation of how I finally was able to get Pocketcasts to do what I lost when they removed playlists. We’ve now got a Patreon set up for the NosillaCast, so please head over to and pledge some money to help the show, but ONLY if you can afford it! I’ve decided to take on the challenge of building my own IRC chat server (with a lot of help from Bart of course) so I walk you through what we’ve done so far.

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Coming Soon – New IRC Server for the Live Show

Irc chat logoDonald Burr is a wonderful human being; he’s what Steve calls “good people”. Out of plain old the goodness of his heart, he has been letting me mooch off of his server for the IRC chat we enjoy during the live show. I love that I get this free ride, but when something goes wrong, I have no way of fixing it myself and we have to bother Donald. If he’s not just sitting by his computer at 5pm on a Sunday night with nothing better to do, then we’re kind of stuck.

Whenever there’s an Apple announcement, the NosillaCastaways gather in┬áthe live chat room (even though I don’t broadcast during them). When we all trouped into the chat room this week, Donald’s IRC server’s voicebot had stopped functioning. That meant Steve, as the only admin other than Donald, had to give each person voice as they came in. Even I couldn’t chat without his permission, and you can just guess how well that went off. Then towards the end of the announcement, the server simply threw all of us out of the chat room.

So, I’ve decided it’s time to stop mooching off of him and create my own IRC chat server. All this Taming the Terminal stuff has really emboldened me to take on bigger and bigger challenges. I mean, how hard could this be, right? Continue reading “Coming Soon – New IRC Server for the Live Show”

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