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CCATP #464 – Bart Busschots – Taming the Terminal on screen and cron

TTT_logo_200px.jpgIt’s been a long time since we did a Taming the Terminal episode but we’re back with episode 36 of n, screen and cron. You’ll hear me say this is episode 35, but with all these numbers flying around we got mixed up!

In any case, in this installment Bart teaches us two unrelated but really cool things you can do with the Terminal in macOS or Linux. The first is cron, a tool that lets you schedule scripts to run at specific times and days. The second is screen, which is a utility that allows you to create a virtual terminal inside your regular terminal. If that sounds head explody (as Bart likes to say), it kind of is, but of course he breaks it down and shows how really clever and useful it is.

You can find Bart’s full detailed tutorial at….

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I Just Can’t Win

Al after 10 hours in lineBefore I go on this particular rant, I want to make sure to state that I have been incredibly blessed in my life in every way and that I realize this is a petty and small problem I feel compelled to describe to you.

When it comes to ordering Apple gear, I fell like the cartoon character Ziggy. Remember him? He’s the guy for whom everything seems to go wrong.

If you’ve been listening for a long time, you’ll remember when the iPhone 4 first came out. Rather than have it delivered to my house, I pre-ordered and got up at the crack of dawn and stood in line outside the Apple Store at 6:30 am. But while everyone who chose home delivery happily got theirs throughout the day, it took TEN HOURS for me to get my phone.

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