Mini Metro Game for iOS and Mac – by Allister Jenks

Mini metro many linesHello Allison and NosillaCastaways, Allister here from New Zealand again with another review.

One of the reasons I like Apple products is because I like clean, simple design. There’s just something about oodles of white space, simple, bold colours, and crisp lines that appeals to my brain.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the famous London Underground map (, designed by Harry Beck in 1931, tickles my fancy. When I was in London in 1999 I bought a t-shirt with the map on it and I have had my sister, who lives in the UK near London, send me new versions of this several times over the subsequent years as I wear them out.

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CCATP #462 Brian Johnson on Inspiring Kids with Bottle Rockets and Science

Brian johnson and a bottle rocketThis week, Steve and I share hosting Chit Chat Across the Pond with retired electrical engineer, ham radio nerd, and remote control flier, Brian Johnson. Brian explains how he has taken his love of electronics and works to spread his enthusiasm to kids through volunteering at local schools.

The pinnacle of his experiences was when he got to help the kids at St. Bernard High School talk live using ham radio to astronauts aboard the Endeavor Space Shuttle. Lately he’s been teaching kids to build tiny ham radios and shoot compressed air and water bottle rockets and even learn the math behind why they work.

If you want to contact Brian, you can email him at:
And you can find the Hughes Amateur Radio Club at

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Not Sure HomeKit Makes Home Automation Easier

Home finally workingWhen the Hue Light system came out a few years ago, Steve really wanted to dip his toes into the home automation fun. We got the Hue Hub and plugged it into our router, and installed the three bulbs into a few lamps. It was pretty much a party trick, changing the colors from white to red to blue to mess with each other and guests in our home.

When the SyFy channel connected the TV show The Expanse to Hue, Steve was thrilled to have something for his Hue bulbs to do. It’s actually a pretty cool use. The lights change according to what’s going on during the show – dark and creepy in dark and creepy scenes, bright in brightly lit scenes. He loves it.

But like most people, we’re getting pretty worried about IoT security. Even though we had the Hue bridge and bulbs on our completely separate, dedicated router from our real computers, and even though we have NAT-PMP turned off, we still would rather be more secure. Continue reading “Not Sure HomeKit Makes Home Automation Easier”

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