CES 2017: Faraday Future FF91 Electric Vehicle

Allison and I got an up-close view of Faraday’s FF91 through one of the engineers who helped designed the car. The FF91 was unveiled at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Here’s a short video of some exterior views of the FF91 and below are some of the car’s specs:

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FF91 Specs
Combined Motor Output: 1,050 HP
Torque: 1,328 ft-lb
0-60 mph: 2.39 sec
Expected Range: 378 miles
Battery Capacity: 130 kWh
Max Charge Rate: 500 miles/hour
Drag Coefficient: 0.25
Interior Volume: 151 cubic feet
Length: 206.7″
Wheelbase: 126″
Width: 89.9″
Height: 62.9″
Sensors: 3D retractable LIDAR, 10 HD cameras, 13 long and short range radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors
Expected Production: 2018

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  1. […] it was still really cool. Steve did an awesome video showing off the car that you can see over at podfeet.com […]

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