CES 2017: iDevices Wireless Instant Switch

Allison interviews Sierra Coughlin from iDevices about their range of new home automation products. Sierra focuses on the Instant Switch which is a bluetooth remote light switch. The Instant Switch wirelessly controls any existing iDevices switched product and is HomeKit compatible. The setting is the CES Unveiled show floor.

Learn more at http://idevicesinc.com

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1 thought on “CES 2017: iDevices Wireless Instant Switch

  1. RC Matrix - February 9, 2017

    Damn you, Allison!!! Because of this video, I just spent some money! I just ordered a 3-pack of the Switches and pre-order the wall outlet. Although they are HomeKit compatible, which is what we all want, it is not Z-Wave or Zigbee compatible (per a support email reply I just received). My question to you and the rest of the CastAways is this. Is NOT being Z-Way compatible a big deal?

    I ask because I recently came across the smart switches from Brilliant (https://www.brilliant.tech). Although they are not currently HomeKit compatible, they are Z-Way and Zigbee. In one of their FAQ’s, they do state that, “No, we do not support Apple HomeKit in our initial release”. So, I assume (and hope) that they will be in the future. When that happens, do we even care if something is or is not Z-Wave or Zigbee compatible??


    P.S. When placing my order, I did make sure to tell iDevices that I found out about them because of you!! 🙂

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