Conversation of Things Podcast – Episode 1 with Allison Sheridan

This week I had the great honor of being on the very first episode of a new podcast called the Conversations of Things. Joe Dugandzic of Smarter Home Life is the host, and it’s going to be an interview show with tech people about the Internet of Things and Home Automation. Joe is such a cool guy – I feel like I’ve known him for years but we only met six months ago. We had a great time chatting. You can listen to the audio at…, but he also let me embed the video into He hasn’t submitted the podcast to iTunes yet but he’ll get on that shortly.

1 thought on “Conversation of Things Podcast – Episode 1 with Allison Sheridan

  1. Maurice Baker - May 12, 2023

    Who would have thought that one of the oldest model names in computers is now 25 years old. It’s amazing when you think about

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