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NC #634 Ring Doorbell Mirror Mod, MacTracker for Resale Price, Mouse User Confession, New New 12.9″ iPad Pro

Steve and I put our engineering heads together to modify the Ring Video Doorbell so we can actually see the doorstep. In another Tiny Tip, I explain how you can use Mactracker with bidvoy to figure out how at what price your Apple device might sell. Steve Sheridan comes in with a confession of how he actually likes the Magic Trackpad better than his mouse (and says I was right). I talk about the new new 12.9″ iPad Pro and how happy I am to have it back in my life.

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The New New 12.9″ iPad Pro and How Happy it Makes Me

Big little ipad proWhen last we left our heroine, she was patiently waiting for her 4th 12.9″ iPad Pro to be delivered. If you haven’t been following along with our home game, a problematic Smart Keyboard turned into 3 replacement keyboards and 3 replacement iPads. Apple gave me my money back on my original iPad (a year and 7 months into AppleCare) so that I could buy the new new version of the 12.9″ iPad Pro.

Apple likes to “surprise and delight”, and they did that when the iPad was delivered to the Apple Store an entire week early. I was super excited for two reasons. One was to see how much more awesome the new new iPad was like, but the other reason was a little more interesting.

To understand my perspective, let’s back up just a little bit. I bought my original 12.9″ iPad Pro right when they came out in November of 2015. When the 9.7″ model came out the following March, Steve decided that I needed that size too, so he got it for me for my birthday. An extravagant gesture to be sure, but I didn’t protest being spoiled. The 9.7″ iPad is better for carrying around outside the house (it’s my gym TV) but the 12.9″ was my favored device inside the house. Having both, it was hard to tell which one I preferred. Continue reading “The New New 12.9″ iPad Pro and How Happy it Makes Me”

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Confession From a Former Mouse User

Steve Sheridan here, the man behind the podfeet. I’ve been a die-hard mouse user ever since I started using a Mac in 1984. I’ve upgraded over the years, even using one of those fancy ergonomic mice from Logitech (the Performance Mouse MX) with lots of buttons and features, but to be honest I pretty much just scroll and click with it.

Whenever I’d sit down at Allison’s desk and try to use her Magic Trackpad, I found myself frustrated. I often said disparaging things about her trackpad, usually starting with the words “I hate …” When Allison would come to my desk, she would always complain about my mouse, even if it was me using it at the time. She claimed that it physically hurt her to watch me scroll and scroll to go down a web page.

You might have heard that Allison bought me a new iMac for Father’s Day. Since she was buying, she bought it with the dreaded Magic Trackpad. She figured that I would continue to use my Logitech Performance Mouse and she’d get a spare trackpad out of the deal.

I set up my new iMac on the left side of my desk with the old iMac on the right while I did the transfer of my data. Allison strongly urged me NOT to use Migration Assistant, simply because I haven’t done a clean install in five years. What could possibly go wrong? Keeping both systems up at once meant that I was forced to use the new trackpad on the new Mac until I decommissioned the old one. Continue reading “Confession From a Former Mouse User”

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