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NC #640 Nightshift and Invert Colors, CMD-D Conference, Split Screen on iPad for Books

In this week’s show I start by playing you a VERY silly recording from Joe Dugandzic of Then I’ll read you a rant by Chris Eschweiler about Night Shift and Invert Colors and I’ll give him some good news. After that I’ll regale you with tales of adventure about the CMD-D Conference hosted by Sal Soghoian. It was a blast and I can’t wait to do more automation. Then I’ll play you a question from Knightwise of about how to use both a mind mapping app and his book reading app in split screen.

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Split Screen for Books on iPad Pro for Knightwise

Knightwise workingOur old friend Knightwise is back with an interesting problem to be solved.

He reads his books electronically in the Kindle app in ePub format, and he likes to highlight as he reads. He uses these highlights in creation of talks he gives to other entrepreneurs. He outlines his talks using a Mind Mapping program called X-Mind from

He was hoping to get an iPad Pro and use split screen to view the book on one side and the mind map on the other side. The problem he found though was that he couldn’t use the Kindle app in split screen and wonders whether iOS 11 would fix the problem.

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NightShift and Invert Colors – Rant + Solution

A while back on the show, I was talking to someone about Nightshift and how much I dislike it. It might have been Bart but I’ve had this argument with so many people I lose track. Anyway, Chris Eschweiler wrote in letting me know that I’m not alone. He gave me permission to read his commentary on the subject out loud:

Personally, I find removing the letter “F” from “Nightshift” is more accurate. I can’t stand the muddy, baby’s-first-diaper quality that the feature brings to the iPhone. I so want to grab Jony Ive by the collar and remind him that not everyone is looking for stylish, trendy, kitschy interfaces…some of us just want something that works well for *us*.

The closest thing the iPhone has to adding functionality in low light situations is the ability to invert the screen. The only problem is, it inverts the colors of everything…including icons and images.

Why would ANYONE want to invert images, Apple? Unless you’re in some underground command center trying to tease detail from a poor photo of a tire track from a suspect’s car, inverting images is…well, it’s dumb. Why doesn’t Apple modify this feature to be more useful? Light text on black background is a so much easier to read in low light. If we are truly going to embrace the “go paperless” mantra that computers were supposed to usher in, then why do we start with the paper analog and assume the background of everything we do must be white?

Thanks for letting me rant.

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