CES 2019: Omnicharge Powerbanks

Allison interviews Eric Mathiesen from Omnicharge about their full range of powerbanks. Eric describes Omnicharge’s new line of mobile powerbanks that can charge high-end devices like a 13” and even a 15” MaBook Pro. Omnicharge powerbanks provide USB-C charging for higher efficiency and come in charge capacities of 13,400 mAh, 20,400 mAh, and 40,300 mAh. They support fast-charging USB ports, pass-through charging, and they include an AC/HVDC power outlet. All of these powerbanks are equipped with an OLED screen to display charging status, power input/output levels, temperature, and time remaining. Omnicharge provides a 1-year warranty and has a 30-day return policy on all of their products. The setting is the Showstoppers show floor at the Wynn in Las Vegas. Learn more at https://omnicharge.co/

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