CES 2019: Vispero Assistive Technologies

Allison interviews Richard Tapping from Vispero about a few of their assistive technology products. The first is Optelec’s Compact 6 wearable video magnifier. It’s a VR headset that holds a handheld video magnifier, converting it into a wearable device. The Compact 6 HD Wear is targeted for those with low vision and who need hands-free control and operation. Richard next shows the Freedom Scientific’s Focus 40 which is an electronic braille display, replacing paper braille. It includes a 40-cell refreshable bar of braille cells and buttons for braille input keying. It connects via Bluetooth or USB-C and is compatible with Windows, MacOS, and iOS. The Focus 40 is lightweight, durable and has been drop tested to MIL-STD-810G. Richard then talks about the upcoming L Braille device. It is an attachment that the Focus 40 docks into converting it into a full Windows 10 computer for the blind. Given its portability, the L Braille is perfect for tasks like note-taking. The setting is the CES show floor at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas. Learn more at https://vispero.com/

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