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GOSPACE Supercharger — A Battery and Charger in One


GOSPACE Supercharger showing flipout wall connector
GOSPACE Supercharger Wall Charger/Battery

I’m going to do something I don’t think I’ve done before, and that’s review a piece of hardware that I don’t own. On Friday night my buddy Ron brought over something I got to play with and I was really intrigued.

He bought the GOSPACE Supercharger from getgospace.com. The GOSPACE Supercharger is a wall charger but also functions as a battery pack. I think he bought it because he has a Tesla and they call their chargers Super Chargers!

I got to play with the GOSPACE Supercharger for a short while, so let’s go through its many virtues.

The GOSPACE Supercharger looks almost identical to the charger blocks Apple sells with all of their Mac notebooks. It’s a white square with the removable flip-out charger that’s compatible with your Apple extension cable. In size, it’s about halfway between the 87W 15″ MacBook Pro charger and the 60W 13″ MacBook Pro charger. Being nerds, we weighed all three of them. The big-girl charger from Apple came in at 273g, the GOSPACE Supercharger at 207g and the little-girl MacBook Pro charger came in at 179g.

GOSPACE Supercharger charging ports
GOSPACE Supercharger Charging Ports, Display and Power Button

On one side of the GOSPACE Supercharger you’ll find all of the charging ports. There are 3 high-power USB ports all rated at 5V, 2.4A. 2 of the ports are UBS-A and one is USB-C. The device also sports a gorgeous digital display telling you the charge capacity of the generous 10,000mAh battery.

The GOSPACE Supercharger has a power button on the side which is necessary for its final trick. This device is also a Qi charger! One side has a symbol to tell you which side is the Qi charging side. On all batteries, you don’t want the wireless charging portion to be on all of the time, hence the need for a power button on the GOSPACE Supercharger.

Lest you think you can’t use the GOSPACE Supercharger because you’re not in the US, I want to make sure to explain that it has interchangeable plugs that include Europe, the UK and Australian configurations along with the US plug.

I asked Ron to do a couple of tests for me. He verified that without plugging the GOSPACE Supercharger into the wall, so using it on battery alone, he could charge a 10.5″ iPad Pro and an iPhone 8 both via Lightning to the 2 USB-A ports. He then added his iPhone X on top to wirelessly charge it and all 3 devices continued to charge.

Ron doesn’t have any USB-C devices (yet) but acting as a battery, the GOSPACE Supercharger can deliver 50Wh of charge. Since this battery supports USB-C charging you won’t have the loss I talked about in AC/DC conversion that I’ve talked about with other batteries. The 13″ MacBook Pro has a 55-58Wh battery in it (depending on whether you have the Touch Bar model or not), so that means you could theoretically nearly charge it with the GOSPACE Supercharger.

GOSPACE Supercharger international adapters
International Adapters

The thing that intrigues me the most about the GOSPACE Supercharger is that it can replace the traditional charger you carry with you already for your phone or tablet . You can probably charge a USB-C laptop as well, but it’s only a 15W charger so it will be slower than the charger that came with your laptop. For example, even the 12″ MacBook and the 13″ MacBook Air use a 30W power adapter. If you’ve got a Pro, the 13″ is 61 Watts and the 15″ is 87W. It may do if you’re charging overnight but it’s definitely not going to be high speed for the bigger devices.

As a charger, it can replace at least some of what you carry already You can even replace one of the batteries you inevitably carry with you. And all of this in a device that only weighs around 200g which is less than half a pound!

The only downside to the GOSPACE Supercharger I can find is that they don’t sell it on Amazon so I can’t give you an Amazon Affiliate Link. I’ll have to send you directly the GOSPACE website at getgospace.com/….

And one more thing … it only costs $59US!

Anker PowerCore Fusion Power Delivery Battery & Charger


Anker PowerCore Fusion 1000mAh
Anker PowerCore Fusion 1000mAh

Well, two more things. My only hesitation about this product is that we don’t know anything about this company. They have a Twitter account with 22 tweets since 2017. Their products don’t sell anywhere but from their own website. They might be 100% legit and the charger itself may be of very high quality meeting the specs for charging devices to be safe. They’re simply an unknown at this point.

If you want an alternative to the GOSPACE Supercharger, Apple sells a similar product made by Anker, a well-known and respected brand. It’s called the Anker 10000mAh PowerCore Fusion Power Delivery Battery & Charger, and it’s only available at Apple. You can buy the 5000mAh version of it on Amazon, but not the 10000mAh model. It looks just like an Apple wall charger, but doesn’t have the removable US plug and doesn’t come with international plugs.

I haven’t gotten to play with the Anker device so I’m just telling you about it to consider an alternative. The Anker is $100 vs the $59 GOSPACE. The Anker a 42W wall charger which is Higher than GOSPACE but it also weighs 25% more than the GOSPACE. It has official Power Delivery (where the GOSPACE specs never mention PD). It only has 1 USB-A port, but it has Anker’s IQ charging. It doesn’t have Qi charging while the GOSPACE Supercharger does.

I just wanted to throw this out there, not because I expect there to be anything wrong with the GOSPACE charger, but to give you an alternative that might make some of you sleep better at night.

3 thoughts on “GOSPACE Supercharger — A Battery and Charger in One

  1. john carr - February 3, 2020

    your link to gospace (getgospace.com) is a failure – no website.
    You should have known the charger was being developed, not ready for shipping. It’s February 2020 and now I hear it still isn’t near shipping due to solving over-heating problem and coronavirus now is halting or slowing all companies.
    I tried before to contact the company and cancel my Indiegogo order and get a refund. NO, they won’t do it.

  2. podfeet - February 3, 2020

    John, it’s unfortunate that they appear to have gone out of business. But suggesting that it was never being developed is completely wrong. You can see that I had one in my hands from the photos. I tested it. My friend Ron bought it from that site and is continuing to use it. I don’t think it’s quite fair to suggest that I should be able to predict which companies will stay in business, is it?

    Also, the device is available under a different brand name at: https://amzn.to/37VeI38

    Note that when you “buy” through crowdsourcing services like IndieGogo and Kick Starter, you are not guaranteed delivery. You are “investing” in the company and _may_ get a product as a result. They are under zero obligation to return their money if they run into trouble. This is why I never recommend these services in my reviews.

  3. Truth - December 27, 2021

    The wireless charger feature doesn’t stay on when charging your phone. It turns off after a few minutes.

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