#469 Nite Ize Handleband, Kingston MobileLite, Instruments from Xcode, Tom Merritt on Net Neutrality and the FCC

My debut in Screencasts Online Monthly Magazine as a screencaster (only $4.99 for the issue!) Nite Ize Handleband iPhone Holder for your Bicycle. I’ve decided to give away a six month subscription to Cloak from getcloak.com – listen to the show to find out how to enter to win (or read on). George from Tulsa […]

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#468 Dave Hamilton Rocks, Stopping Safari Popups, Wil Wheaton on Nerds, MagCozy, Square JellyFish, Tappd, Resistorvision, Taming the Terminal Part 17

Big changes to podfeet.com – breaking the giant blog post of doom into little chunks throughout the week. I got to be a guest screencaster for Don McAllister’s Screencasts Online doing a show about iThoughtsX for the Mac and iThoughtsHD for the iPad. Should be available soon in the next episode of the SCO Magazine […]

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CCATP – Taming the Terminal Part 17 of n with Bart Busschots

Main Topic – Regular Expressions Taming the Terminal Part 17 of n – Regular Expressions: http://www.bartbusschots.ie/blog/?p=3542 Security Light HeartBleed Followup/Update: OpenBSD fork OpenSSL to create a new stripped-down version called LibreSSL – the aim, to have a smaller and easier to maintain, and hence hopefully more secure, open source implementation of SSL (don’t jump in […]

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