#442 Virtualize Mountain Lion inside Mavericks, Triage, RadTech Bluetooth BT500 Mouse and Omnistand, Photo Management

New Mac Roundtable is out at macroundtable.com. My adventures not going to Mavericks (yet) because of mission critical software – but is there a workaround doing a virtual machine for Mountain Lion inside Mavericks? NosillaCastaways Party at Macworld is set for Friday 28 March at 6pm in 2014. Review of Triage from Southgate Labs from […]

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#441 RadTech ACpower Compact USB Charger, In Car USB Charger, RadSleevz and ScreenSavrz, Orange Chef iPad Stand

Episode #220 of the Mac Roundtable podcast is fun where we rant about iOS 7, Corky Heath teaches us how to reorder podcasts in iTunes 11, Claus Wolfe teaches us his native Germanic language Hessisch. Four quick reviews of some cool RadTech products: ACpower Compact USB Charger is only $14.95 over at RadTech.com, AutoPower in […]

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#439 Genius Bar Fail, Pocket Casts, RAVPower Charger, Taming the Terminal Part 9

Updated info on iThoughtsX from toketaware.com and how you CAN use cloud syncing and you CAN share a license in your house. Awful Apple Genius Bar experience was so bad I wrote to Tim Cook…and got help. Terry Austin, aka twitter.com/ielectrons reviews Pocket Casts from shiftjelly.com. I review the RAVPower Dynamo On-The-Go Power Bank, a […]

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#437 Preview Smartphone Camera Shootout, iOS 7 Surprises and Blind Accessibility, Taming the Terminal Part 8

Steve and I are working with Robert Lachman of the LA Times on a Smartphone Camera Shootout, iOS 7 surprises, and Yadiel Sotomayor tells us about some of the iOS 7 blind accessibility improvements. In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart takes us through Taming the Terminal Part 8 of n where he explains processes […]

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#433 More on Scanning, iPhone Version of ScreenCasts Online Magazine, Headphone Shootout, Rooting a Droid, Dave Hamilton on Microphones

I’m back with praise for Katie Floyd’s job hosting the show, and I back up her thoughts on scanning photos after my own experiences with family photos. Don McAllister releases an iPhone version of his ScreenCasts Online Magazine (link to the the iPhone version and iPad version). George from Tulsa is back with a shootout […]

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