NosillaCast 04/09/2006 Show #38

Returned the Apple FM Radio Remote, new podcast feeder application, Hufman Tables explained, car polishing, searching for low-cost home design software, geek mechanic HDA Bob, Windows Installation on Parallels, low prices on software, and play iTunes on Tivo.

Listen to the Podcast – time: 32 minutes 58 seconds
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NosillaCast 04/02/2006 Show #37

A technology geek podcast with an ever so slight Macintosh bias. A proud member of the Tech Podcast Network – if it’s Tech, it’s here. Today is Sunday April 2nd, 2006 and this is show number 37. New country update, correction to RPN calculation, Content Management Systems (especially WordPress), Toshiba tablet PC review, how to clean your LCD screen, more on the MacBook Pro, how many browsers do you think I need, Ask Jeeves turns into, Phoenix Slides for OS-level photo review, use iChat to send video from a tape, Robo Cop Car to find stolen cars, iPod Radio Remote, Easy Book Clip.

Listen to the Podcast – time: 37 minutes 11 seconds
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NosillaCast 03/26/2006 Show #36

I cover my installation of XP on my Mac Book Pro, have lunch with Darrell Shandrow of the, Wacom Tablet review, more on the Nano lanyard headphones, how to create keystroke shortcuts to menu commands in OSX, Feeder update, awesome HP RPN calculator for OSX, and TWO weird and wacky websites – falling ball Georgie and Shotgun rules.

Listen to the Podcast – time: 28 minutes 26 seconds
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NosillaCast 03/19/2006 Show #35

Featured country: Estonia, more tailoring of Apple’s RSS Screensaver, trials with audio solutions for podcasts in the car, Belkin Tune Base FM review burn problems on the MacBook Pro, Google maps Mars (!), Talk Like a Pirate Day, Z Machine sets unexpected earth temperature record, Windows XP runs on the Intel-based Macs, video of if Microsoft designed the iPod packaging, Allison eats crow.

Listen to the Podcast – time: 23 minutes 24 seconds

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NosillaCast 03/12/2006 Show #34

New country update, change languages for spell checking in Apple Mail, VNC vs. RDC, PQDVD for video to iPod and more, Media Central even better, Pantone Huey review, help me with Apple’s RSS screen saver, continued MacBook Pro review, how to keep friends away, tutorial on how to remove wrinkles in Photoshop Elements, more Google hints, how to send huge files, and 2 new/old species discovered.

Link to the Photoshop Elements tutorial:

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NosillaCast 03/05/2006 Show #33

Continued my rant about Samsung, advice on rebates, how to work with tags in iTunes, how to make a favicon for your website, continue my MacBook Pro review, $40 cell phone backup hardware, Photoshop Elements book review.

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NosillaCast 02/26/2006 Show #32

Fun with taxes, more new countries, Media Central update, listener feedback, great fun at a user group, MacBook Pro 1st impressions, iChat interviews in GarageBand, Superbowl commercials, public domain movies on bittorrent, how to find out how far you jogged.

Listen to the Podcast – Time: 29 minutes 45 seconds
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NosillaCast 02/19/2006 Show #31

Mac Trojan horse in the wild, Front Row clones, the demise of the Sony Bean, full motion stamps from the Netherlands, Picasa coming to Linux, Apple ships faster than expected processors, movie review of Red Eye, enhancement to google images, and a Samsung update.

Listen to the Podcast – Time: 30 minutes 8 seconds
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NosillaCast 02/12/2006 Show #30

…a tech geek podcast with an ever so slight Macintosh bias! Continued sound problems, Lithuania & Bharain join in the fun, earnings report, question about how you listen, Apple announces the 1GB iPod Nano, for web searching, Swedish Chef Firefox extension, Podfading, Wikimedia Commons, MacTracker, Podcasting 101 and Lulu Press.

Listen to the Podcast – Time: 17 minutes 58 seconds
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NosillaCast 02/05/2006 Show #29

2/5/06 show number #29

…a tech geek podcast with an ever so slight Macintosh bias!
Country update, computer setup in Casa Sheridan, VNC problem for listener Alex, Videora for Windows iPod video conversion, Firefox beef, Wiki-wiki, iTunes tweaks, snipurl, Japanese case mod, Webphoto.

Listen to the Podcast – Time: 21 minutes 44 seconds
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