#367 GRID-IT, MeshWe Bluefin, Innergie Pocket Recharger, Disk Drill, Data Rescue, Alupen Stylus, Stellarium, RedShift

Reviews by me of the GRID-IT cable/gadget organizer from Cocoon Innovations, The MeshWe Bluefin holder for Apple Bluetooth extended keyboard and trackpad, and the Innergie 2.1Amp Pocket Cell Portable Pocket Rechargeable Battery and Charger. George from Tulsa talks about Disk Drill and Data Rescue as well as the free application GNU ddrescue and TestDisk all […]

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#366 7 Year Anniversary, Seagate Momentus XT, Seashore Photo Editor, Drycase, Screencasts Online

7 year anniversary of the NosillaCast (listen to the first show here). Leon Walsh (aka @leonwalsh) reviews the Seagate Momentus XT hybrid drive. I review the free and Open Source Seashore Photo Editor from seashore.sourceforge.net. Bluemango Learning hosts a free webinar on Evernote + Clarify on May 16th at 12pm PST at bluemangolearning.com/clarify-and-evernote/. In Dumb […]

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#365 iMac Wifi, iStumbler, Disk Inventory X, Alarmed, Clear, Shure SE535 Headset, Apple Security

Wifi problems on the new 27″ iMac – using iStumbler from istumbler.net helped us analyze the problem (and buy a new simultaneous Airport Extreme). Disk Inventory X from derlien.com helped find a crazy disk space problem on my neighbors computer. Caleb Fong, aka Geekosupremo gives us a rundown on a wild process he follows to […]

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#364 iOS Tips, NoMenuBar, Akinator, Snapguide, iLuv Inline Remote, CableJive dockStubz, Songza, Coding Accessible iOS Apps

Recording from a hotel with the Samsung Meteor Mic, and a lot of help from the NosillaCastaways! Rod Simmons of the Simple Mobile Review Podcast gives us some iOS tips. Ken Wolfe of the Manhattan Repertory Theatre in New York City reviews the free NoMenuBar from jeb.com.fr/en/nomenubar.shtml. Professor Albert reviews Akinator from Elokence.com. Mike McPeek […]

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#361 Novatel Mifi Update, MyScript Memo, Alinof Timer, 5-0 Radio, National Geographic Today, Flashback Trojan

Insightful update on color calibration from the blind. Verizon Wireless comes out with an update to fix the Novatel Mifi that kept it from being able to charge and function at the same time. MyScript Memo brings really good handwriting recognition to iOS. Alinof Timer from alinofsoftware.ch brings a timer to OSX that we have […]

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#358 New IPad Rant, DrawSomething, Skim, Refreshabraille Display, Origin Instruments, Georgia Tech Braille Touch for iOS and Android

Rant about how hard it was for me to receive the new iPad (and a few comments about how awesome it is). @SwitcherMark gives us a Draw Something from OMGPop. Beautiful Skim PDF annotation tool – free and open source from skim-app.sourceforge.net. Hugo complains that Professor Albert does not have an active license for his […]

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